Free Cars for Vets & Disabled People – Apply Today!!

Free Cars for Vets & Disabled People – Apply Today!!

How to get complimentary vehicles for soldiers?

Soldiers are the important portion of our country. Soldiers present their life to serve country. It is really a tough work to live away from your family. Only a family member can understand that how difficult it is to stay away from your loved ones. We should respect their duty and try to help them. Priceless services of soldiers, provides a cause to Federal and State Government to take care of them so that they may live their life without any difficulty.

Union and State Government are promoting many charities and faith-based systems to assist ex-serviceman. In these programs, government are providing many types of facilities to veterans like providing vehicles without any cost. If you are a soldier so, take the advantage of the government programs.

There are multiple ways to get cost less vehicle for ex-serviceman. I am explaining you some of them which you won’t find anywhere else. So, read the news and gain a free motorcar.

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Process to get free motorcar for veterans:

To take benefit of that program first, you have to apply in that program and fill the form in which you have to fill your personal information and about yourself afterward you have to satisfy given conditions.


You have to satisfy these conditions for free vehicles→

(1) You must be citizen of the USA.

(2) You must have a valid driving license, without license you are not allowed to take part of this process.

(3) If you already have any automobile so you have to show a hardship with your vehicle condition only then you would be able to get free motorcar.

After meeting all the conditions, you would be awarded by a car with all the legal documents of a motorcar.

How can an ex—serviceman gets a free of cost vehicle?

An ex-serviceman can get a car by applying to “Key to Progress” program. In this program, he can apply by himself or by any family member. Within 5 years, by “Key to Progress” program approximate 500 cars have been donated. To get a car by “Key to Progress” program a veteran has to meet required conditions. If a soldier satisfies all the condition then he would be eligible to get a free motorcar. All the soldiers who meet all the condition would be rewarded by refurbished vehicle, a tank of gas as well as a motorcar.

Who donate complimentary cars to soldiers?

Many non-profitable systems and charities donate a car to soldiers. I am listing some of them there→

‘Vehicles of vets’ it’s the logo of that system. They celebrate an annual veteran day to commemorate the ex-soldiers. And on that day, they operate vehicle donation function. And distribute cars to many ex-soldiers.

It’s a faith-based system. Earlier, the main function of this group was to provide complimentary basic transportation to fewer individuals and economically weaker family who can’t afford to purchase a car. But later it was converted to donate cars for soldiers. Now it works to donate the car for veterans and his family and donate many cars every year.

It’s a registered organization which offers free cars for veterans and his family.

Federal Government also announced many grants and allowance for disabled veterans:

If you are a veteran and you have a disability related to your military service. So you can apply to government grants to purchase a vehicle. Federal Government is providing grants to disabled veterans to purchase a car.

How to get grants to purchase a car:

First you need to file a claim for disability compensation and get approval by Government before buying a car. When you file disability compensation you have to show that your disability is related to your military service. To get isability approval from government you have to meet some conditions.

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Terms and condition to get disability approval:

You have to fulfill at least one condition out of them to get disability approval –

  • Loss, or permanent loss of use, of 1 or both feet or
  • Loss, or permanent loss of use, of one or both hand or
  • Any severe burn injury

When you meet all the condition then you would be able to get disability approval and by this disability approval you can get government grant to buy a car. After approved your grants , amount will be transferred to your account or they will pay direct to car seller.

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