How to recover permanently deleted blog posts

How to recover permanently deleted blog posts

You were doing something in your blog dashboard and suddenly you have deleted your blog posts by mistake. Very disappointing, and you don’t have any backup of these deleted posts, your hard work wasted

I have a solution for you that will 100% work. It’s not Wayback Machine this is another method.

Some days ago I have faced the same issue, my 2 blog posts that I was published by writing them very hard, was deleted to some reasons. I could not understand what to do now, then I found a solution that worked for me and my both posts got recovered

I thought more peoples might have this problem so I decided to write a blog post and share this special method with all. I hope that will also work for you.

How to recover permanently deleted blog posts without backup

Remember a thing, This method will only work if you have deleted published posts not drafted posts

If you have deleted published posts then follow the steps I have written below.

Step.1: Try to remember the URL of the post you have deleted. Are you have shared the URL to any social media site? check there if have shared

Step.2: Past the URL in the google search bar and click on the search button

Step.3: Are your deleted post is showing here?

Step.4: Click on the Cache button, as you seeing in the screenshot below

how to recover deleted post form google chach

Step.5: This feature will show you the data Cached by Google

Step.6: Copy all the data of posts and restore it in your Blogger or WordPress

In the step.3, Posts will be shown if they are indexed in google so if your posts are not showing in google try the same trick in any other search engine like Bing

I hope you will get success in recovering your deleted data

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