Mobile subscription? What options are available?

Nowadays there are various options for purchasing a telephone subscription. In addition to a subscription with a device, you now also have many sim-only options. You only get a SIM card and the choice of a phone is completely free.

Sim only is a subscription form where you will pay a fixed monthly amount to the provider. You will then receive call minutes, data and text messages for the fixed amount.

The biggest advantage of a SIM only subscription is that a subscription is considerably cheaper. There are no costs for the smartphone. This gives you more freedom in the choice of a smartphone and you save a considerable amount every month.

If we consider the different options when it comes to one mobile subscription Nowadays, more and more the Netherlands are opting for a sim-only subscription. In comparison with a device subscription, you only purchase a subscription for the call minutes and data.


The biggest advantage is the price. A SIM only subscription is considerably cheaper and does not require a mandatory BKR registration. The disadvantage is that you have to purchase a smartphone, but you do get more freedom and options in the choice of a device. It is also possible to use an older device for a longer period of time – so that the costs will be cheaper over a longer period.


Sim-only subscriptions can be flexibly configured with most providers. Do you call more or do you want more internet. With most providers you can immediately increase the subscription. Lowering is also often a possibility with Sim only.

Freedom in a device

Those who take out a SIM only subscription arrange their own telephone. This gives a lot of choice and freedom in the device. Even when you old smartphone is still fine, you can continue to use it. This will save you costs.

When prepaid?

In addition to SIM only, there is also a prepaid subscription. The choice for sim only or prepaid depends on your personal situation. If you hardly ever call and if you do not use mobile internet, a prepaid subscription is still cheaper. It is true that sim only is now available in cheap bundles which are also available without internet.

If you use your smartphone more, SIM only is the best choice for mobile internet. This gives you access to mobile internet for a fixed or flexible amount. Of course it is also good to compare whether a telephone with a subscription is cheaper. The combination of a separate device and SIM only is often considerably cheaper in the longer term. But offers regularly appear where a combination deal will be cheaper compared to a separate device and SIM only.

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