The most useful technological gadgets for optimal working at home

Most of the Dutch have been at home for months – be it without a job, or working from home. Working from home is completely different from working at the office: suddenly you have to be able to concentrate, even if your partner makes a lot of noise or the washing machine beeps.

To optimally maintain your focus, it is a good idea to set up your home office in such a way that you are in a bubble of productivity. In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks to work productively at home, and we’ll give you more information about how the latest technological advancements can help.

Say ‘daaaaag’ to annoying ambient noise

Nothing more annoying than being taken out of your vibe by your partner who comes to ask you something or your children rushing in for a snack. If you are in a room with a door, it may be useful to close it. Peace! Then you only have to shut yourself off mentally. This is possible with a noise canceling headphone. For example, take a look at the Sony WH-1000XM4, considered by many to be the best noise canceling headphone to hit the market in recent months. This not only looks beautiful, but also mutes all ambient noise, so that you do not suffer from ambient noise and you can enjoy your music beautifully. For years, Bose was the brand to beat when it came to noise canceling headphones (and the Bose 700 is great!), but Sony has caught up a lot. If the XM4 is a bit pricey, we recommend also taking a look at the XM3 or XM2, the previous models. After all, these fell in price when the XM4 came on the market.

What is also useful is to play music so that you can focus better. On YouTube you will find videos with ‘Alpha’ and ‘Gamma’ waves that put you in a kind of brain trance. If you play it on a stereo system or Google Home, you suddenly find yourself in a different world. Annoying ambient noise, hello concentration!

Make sure you have everything you could possibly need

If you often change workplaces at home, it is quite possible that you will leave something behind here and there. Then make yourself a ‘work kit’ that contains everything you may need. After all, it is very annoying when you are just enjoying a fire, you ignore a ‘battery low’ notification and suddenly see a black screen. Or if you need to quickly write down a phone number but you can’t find a notebook. We recommend that you always have the basics with you: paper, ballpoint pen, a large water bottle, headphones or earphones and the necessary cables for your laptop and mobile phone. For example, if you charge your mobile phone in your bedroom every night, it can be useful to have an extra charger in your work kit; this way you don’t have to carry that cable around the house every day. In addition, an additional Android or iPhone charger always handy – even if you can go to the office again in a few months! Take a look at Cable buddy to score a charger at a top price.

Block anything that distracts you

Did you ‘just’ look at Twitter and suddenly saw to your dismay that it was half an hour later? Then it may be a good idea to set up a blocking program on your laptop or mobile. Blocking software has been around for several years, but in 2021 it is more convenient and functional than ever. Programs such as Cold Turkey and StayFocusd will stop showing you certain sites for a set amount of time. Even restarting your laptop doesn’t help… time to work!

We wish you good luck with working from home!

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