Who Can I Call to Unlock My Car Door for Free?

Who Can I Call to Unlock My Car Door for Free?

I locked my keys in my car who do i call

Many times you have faced this problem that when you open the door of your car you found that door is locked and key of your car is lying inside car on your seat. At that time, what should you do?  Who Can you Call right now to Unlock your Car Door for Free? Those times, you should apply these ways. By these ways, you can unlock your motorcar without paying any cost.

But before applying given idea you have to make sure that you are the owner of that particular car or you are doing this with the permission of car’s owner. Please don’t use this information for any illegal work.

Let’s come to our main point that how to unlock your car without paying any cost? If you have to face such type of condition, then you should follow these ways.

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 You can Use a string for unlocking door:

Before explaining that method, let me clear one thing, this method will work only those types of car which doors have traditional type of lock with a small knob.

  • First you should grid a slipknot with string. Slipknot must grid in the middle of string.
  • Use a part of wood to make space between the front door’s window and car’s body. Handle this process with restraint. If you do it without patience, frame of your car’s door could bend, because of air leak.
  • Adjust the string until the slipknot has fixed around the door’s lock post.
  • Tight the slipknot, so that it can fix set with the lock.
  • Now, pull the post up to unlock your car.

Use a cloth hanger to unlock your car:

You can utilize cloth hanger to reveal the lock of your car as well. This method will work on those cars which have power lock.  Before follow this process, I want to clear you one thing in front of you. This process is a little difficult and need much effort than previous method. But, it works. You have to keep patient and try until you unlock it.

  • Apply a piece of wood to create a space between the front door’s window and car’s body.
  • Once when you have created space between front door of window and car body, utilize a cloth hanger into the space which we have created with the help of wood piece.
  • Use cloth hanger to drag the car’s door lock button and try to open it.

This process requires a lot of practice and experience. But, it can save your money. And you have no need to pay to locksmith for reveal you car lock.

Utilize a tennis ball to unlock your car:

It’s an easy trick. When I heard about that trick, I was surprised. I am not ready to believe that it works. But later I experienced that it works. So, without wasting time, let me know you about this crazy trick. You will find solution for, how to get your keys out of your car.

  • In this method, you have to need a tennis ball.
  • Make a little hole on the ball. You can do it by a screw driver. First you heated screw driver and then push it on the ball and make a small hole on the ball.
  • After making a hole on the ball, you have to put the ball hole on the key hole of the car. Push it towards lock hole over and over. Keep doing, it will create a pressure of air into lock hole. Because of that, lock will be revealed.

It is a proven method and it works. At last, after telling all the method, I just want to say, please apply these all method on your own car or with the permission of car’s owner. Or else, you could face a legal action and have been also sentenced to committee illegal activity.

I locked my keys in my car

you could pay a locksmith to open a car door when locked keys in car. But we are sharing how you can save some money by learning how to do it yourself. If you know exactly who can I call to Unlock my car door for Free?

Tools to unlockcar doors for free

Want to know how to get into your locked car when you’ve left your keys inside. A buddy of mine told me how he was able to help a lady get into her locked car in the parking lot.  Just because he happened to be around with his kit.

So I’m gonna share with you how to use that kit? In this kit you’re only find three items. You find a long reach tool which has two ends on it. So it gives you two options two different ways of using it.

locked my keys in my car: Two option to unlock it yourself

You could either try to unlock the car door by pushing on the button so it can unlock, or you can try to pull on the handle so that that way it unlocks the car as well.

I’m just gonna save you the trouble by letting you know ahead of time. This one is better off for pushing the button now.

The next thing you’re gonna see is a sleeve this one is important it’s going to prevent you from scratching your car door. Which is going to save your money from having to paint your car. So the last thing you’re going to find in this kit is air.  Which air pouch it has a pump so you can fill it up with air and air release. So you can flatten it.  This is how you get the car door open.

The first thing you want to do is just get your air wedge pouch and slide it in between the door. Right there and just pump it a little bit.

You only want to create a small gap you don’t want to risk damaging your door. Next you take your reaching tool with the sleeve.

Remember you don’t want to scratch the door.  Just put it in through that crack you just created and then reach in there. Now you are gonna want to bend the tool here, so that it can actually reach the car door which is exactly how we do. Your first time is gonna take some practice, but it does get easier. So with this in we maneuvered it to the handle and we just got it in there.  Then we just pour then twist there, you go the car doors is open now.

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