Free Laptops For Low Income Families Students (Apply Today)

Free Laptops For Low Income Families Students (Apply Today)

How to get a free computer or Laptop

Are you looking for a free laptop or a computer? Here are the best ways to get a laptop at free of cost from the best brands like dell, apple lenovo.

As you know from the laptop you can do many jobs like applying for jobs, filling online forms and can also become a freelancer.

Do you know a laptop can be a game changer in your life? But getting a free laptop or a computer is easy but finding the right place to get a laptop is difficult.

To find the right place you have to be up to date with information. Individuals to get a free laptop you should meet some eligibility criteria just within some days.

Free Laptops for College Students

Well you know that the most and a necessary thing in a college student’s life is a laptop.

But as usual college is expensive so students will not think about buying a laptop.

So most of the people have a hard time to afford it.

Fortunately, there are colleges that offer tablets like iPad or free laptops for college students (although with some, the cost of the device is actually baked into the school fees!)

Here are some of the best ones:

  1. Northwest Missouri State University
  2. Southern Nazarene University
  3. Southern New Hampshire University
  4. Independence University
  5. Rochester College
  6. Full Sail University
  7. University of Minnesota Crookston
  8. Chatham University
  9. Wake Forest University
  10. Dakota State University

Needless to say, you must be attending the

check this site for more information. and if you will attend the college then you could get all the information regarding all activities.

How To Get Free Compatible Laptop or computers from the Government.

If you will ask the government to give a laptop for free then government will give answer absolutely No

why because the government can’t give laptops to all this is not possible. But they can give you at low cost.

While most of us are fortunate enough to have a notebook or pc at home, many of us do not. and some of the people can’t afford such things.

Application for free laptop from government

Not only the government , many non government organizations and local charities are also helping low income families with free computers and laptops.

suppose if you are not eligible for the free laptop or a computer then don’t worry there are more options for you are available even more apps that could give you a computer at low cost.

The government runs there online source like or these two are the best ways to apply for the computer as well as laptop

These are federal government official sites which update users via mails or text about latest grants available.

Some Tech Companies that Give Away Laptops

So now you are Wondering how you can get a free Dell or Apple laptop?

Do you believe or not? but for your kind information there are actual ways you can get/win a free laptop, computer or even tablet from the most popular brands like Apple, Dell or even from microsoft.

During this pandemic most of the or all most students came to online platform for their studies



Through their official sites, giveaways and contests!

don’t think about the survey.

I am not talking about this where you have to enter your email address and go through some pages of yes/no questions to enter in the contest.

Just think about the real and official contest that these popular brands create every once in a while.

Here are some of the free laptop giveaways by major brands:

  1. Microsoft User Research Sweepstakes
  2. Dell Advantage Sweepstakes

Note: Be Aware of time because as you know that a particular contest runs for a certain time so you have to enter before they end.

So please bookmark or subscribe to our blog or you can check regularly from time to time.

Most of these companies run the same contest a few times a year.

So checking back often ensures you don’t miss them the next time around.

Win a Laptop

There are a lot of legitimate freestuffs sites that you can use to enter to win all kinds of stuff. But there are also a few that run laptops, tablets and computer giveaways.

But on the other hand some of the technology related sites also run giveaways for their reader and for interested contestant

  1. StackSocial: The Microsoft Surface Book Giveaway
  2. Windows Central: Win a Surface Go and accessory bundle

You can find more easily with a few simple Google searches.

Accelerated Schools Programs 

Accelerated programs means the government provides the loan on laptops.

it means if you apply under the government program of free laptop and a deposit of $99 must be done.

After that when computer or laptop will be returned in a proper condition, $99 will be refunded to you

Help is provided to low-income families who have no computer so that they can have a better education.

Even they also assist in providing access to the internet and then the program can be joined by calling directly. official site

Shop through a Ebates to get discounts & cashback

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a cashback and coupons website that can save you almost 50% money on almost all products. We’d recommend the site to everyone who wants to save money when they did their shopping.

On Ebates, you can find some great deals on laptops and computer

For example, earlier there was a deal on a laptop from Dell Outlet that saved you 45% and gave you 10% cashback. So you’re basically paying 55% less for a laptop!

Also, there’s another deal on there from the Dell Outlet, which gives you 45% off select laptops, plus an additional 14% off any Latitude model and 10% cashback. Potentially, you could get 69% off a laptop! There’s also a 10% cashback deal available from the Dell store.

Get a cheap laptop from Amazon

Amazon is a great place to get a laptop at a low price.

Whenever there is the first flash sale of electronic products like laptop, mobile, computer or tablet there is a huge discount on credit cards.

how to apply for a free laptop from the government

You can also find many refurbished/used laptops at a very low price

since refurbished computers are generally sold at a fraction of what a new laptop would cost you.

Now, you need not worry about meeting any type of criteria or program policy.

Free Laptops for People with Disabilities

Now here comes the main and most important talk about disability

As you already know it is not easy, individuals to get access to free laptops.

why because they can not attend any program which will be held on their nearest location due to disabilities or they can not go anywhere to attend

Avoiding Free Laptop Scams

As you can see, there are so many ways to get a free and complimentary computer or a laptop at a very good discounted price.

Above we have also discussed many ways of getting a laptop for free as well as at low price.

However, not all places and opportunities for complimentary laptops are legitimate.

But!But! Beware of scams. Many are out to steal your identity and use them in a wrong way and some can steal your money.

Now what to do, Do proper research about surveys and nowadays there are lots of digital marketers who are running ads.

But my advice to you is please do research first.

Here are a few tips for avoiding free laptop scams:

  • Make sure you read reviews, check with websites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau before you apply for a complimentary laptop with a company that we haven’t mentioned.
  • Never give out your any kind of bank details
  • Don’t share your date of birth, unless you are certain it’s a legitimate website.
  • Don’t share One time password ( O.T.P)
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before you apply.

Are there Places that Give You Free Laptops Near You

Yes, Definitely there are some places to grant a laptop from the government. But you have to do some research in your nearest location which is helping or donating computers that can be helpful to you now. Before applying for a free laptop grant from the government you have to do some research in your locality.

For getting a free laptop you can either go offline or on an online place. on an offline place you can easily get it via your contacts or relation , the reason is very simple you can directly contact them and get the information that can be helpful for you to get it fast and easily.

Check out ConnectAll

Those people who fulfill their low income criteria will be eligible. People who meet certain low-income criteria are eligible to buy laptops for a low price at

Get a free Laptop from Goodwill organization

how to get free laptop from google

What Goodwill industry will do?

The Goodwill industry is famous for helping low income family needy people who need help to get a free laptop. If you donate an unused laptop to goodwill, these laptops go for auctions, which can be found on goodwill retail stores. these are the best way to find a cheap laptop near your location

Do you also need free Internet access?

Nowadays without the internet you can not do anything. if you have laptop then also you must need a good internet connection

Here are some useful alternatives for discovering free or easy internet providers, both inside and outside the home, so your new PC doesn’t go to squander.

Use free Wi-Fi locally

There are likely a few spots you can visit inside ten minutes of your home that offer free Wi-Fi for visitors. The library is one of my own best picks. It’s tranquil, agreeable, and being encircled by books isn’t terrible all things considered. My nearby library permits me to sit as long as I need and exploit their free Wi-Fi. It even has sources so I can charge my PC. Another alternative is a café or cheap food place.

Nowadays data is very cheap. so at every location you could get a free internet access

Can You Get a Free Laptop without Doing Anything?

Yes the answer is Yes to get a free laptop without doing anything, as we have shared above these charities, organizations and Government assistance programs are helping students, low income families, needy and poor to get a free laptop. We understand that there are lot of scams with government Grants but the fact is too that there are lot of legit organizations which are helping with free laptops given away

How to get a free laptop from google?

Google Inc. Free laptop Program is one of the charitable organizations which run donations and Charities to students.

Google has tied up with many universities which are offering free laptops to needy students through scholarships or through exams.

Chrome book is the product launched by Google INC, which is not like other available laptops in the market or offered by the various grants or universities.

These chrome books are very easy to use and useful to those who are seeking a high speedy laptop configuration at low cost. Chrome OS is a new generation advanced system configuration. To get a free laptop from Google an individual needs to contact them and request them with a valid and strong Reason.

You can get a laptop for as low as $109.

Get a cheap laptop from Amazon

Amazon is a great place to get a laptop at a low price. but one condition is that you have to be up to date with the amazon flash sale.

Because in sale you could get a laptop at a high discount. or you can find many used/refurbished laptops at low prices since refurbished computers are generally sold at a fraction of what a new laptop would cost you.

If you are looking to buy a dell laptop, then consider buying one from Get a dell laptop from Dell Refurbished.

Here, You don’t need to meet any low-income criteria

Anyone can buy these computers, so if you’re not on a low income and want a cheap laptop, then this is a good place to shop.

As the name suggests, Dell Refurbished provides refurbished Dell laptops. Since refurbished computers are much cheaper, this is a good way to get your hands on a laptop from a big brand, but at a much lower cost.

Trade in your old stuff for a new laptop on Amazon

As we know we have most of the items in our house left as unused or taking up an unusual place. like old books we never read old tv even we didn’t watch

Through the Amazon Trade-in program, you can trade in your old video games, Kindle E-readers, books and other items for an gift card.

You can use this gift card to get money off of a laptop on Amazon, and if you use your gift card to buy a refurbished laptop, you’ll save even more.

Get a huge discount from the Jump On It! Program

The Jump On It! Program is part of the On It Foundation, which we mentioned above. So if you aren’t eligible to receive a complimentary laptop from the On It Foundation, then you may be able to get one from the Jump On It! program.

With this program, you can get a laptop for as low as $99 and you can get one through a layaway plan starting at just $15.

Learn more about this program here.

Get a laptop from Notebooks for Students


So, if you’re wondering how to get a free laptop for school or a house

then check out Notebooks For

Well, it doesn’t provide you with a free laptop but yes they will give you a high discount on prices.

It’s a good place to check for new and refurbished laptops.

The program is available to students who are attending Primary, High School or College. You can also get a computer if you’re home-schooled.

Learn more about the program here.


How can these sites afford giving away free stuff?

Easy, they use the money they make from advertisers!

Free laptops for students from the government from

You see, when you get a survey or ads you sign up on this, after filling a form or doing a sign up form, instead of this the company gets a commission called affiliate marketing.

This is how they can afford to give you a “free” laptop which we know isn’t really free since you have to pay for those trials and services.

So how much do you end up paying for the supposed “Free Laptop”?

Of the participants in these programs who have managed to minimize costs, the usual payment estimate is between $40 and $100.

That certainly isn’t free, but it also isn’t the $400-$500 that the laptop is probably worth

If you…


  1. Sign up with a trustworthy business,
  2. remain organized and
  3. are proactive about cancelling/returning things,

then it should absolutely be possible to get yourself a laptop for far under market price.

How to get a free laptop from apple

Apple Inc. as you know this is the biggest company and the manufacturer in technology, macbooks and IPad, as we all know how much is the cost of each Macbook or IPad.

The Apple INC does not offer free macbook or ipad to any of the users or to needy people. But there some of the agencies and organizations which are solving this problem and providing them with free laptops who need them.

The best way to get a free mac or IPad to participate in Online surveys and Free giveaways which are helping with free Macbook and IPad. TO win a free macbook you can go through this link and participate for Free.


Win A MacBook Pro (For USA) Apply Here

Win A MacBook Pro (For UK) Apply Here

Take surveys and use the cash to get a complimentary laptop

This is such an easy way to get your hands on a laptop without paying a cent for it.

Sign up for a few survey websites, take a few surveys each week, and then use your earnings to get a laptop at no cost!

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Sign up for the following websites

Step 2: Take multiple surveys per week and make $200+ a month

  • At MySurvey, take a few $20 surveys each month and you’ll make $60.
  • Take two surveys a week at Pinecone Research and earn $3 per survey, and you’ll make around $24 a month.
  • Do the same at QuickThoughts, which also pays $3 a survey and make $24 a month.
  • You take a few $10 surveys at SurveySavvy each month and earn around $30 a month from the site.
  • Take three surveys a month at Darwin’s Data, and make $75 a month.

Step 3: Use your earnings to get a laptop

In total, you’d make $213 a month, so in a few months, you’d have enough cash to buy a laptop. Essentially, you get free money to spend on a laptop.

Whether you’re looking for a free dell laptop or one from HP, give this method a try!

Join reward sites & use your earnings to get a complimentary laptop

Above, we mentioned how you can use the money you get from survey websites to get free cash to spend on a laptop.

Well, you can also do the same thing with reward websites.

Free laptops giveaway for students

Reward websites, which are also known as “get paid to,” or GPT websites, pay you to do a whole host of easy tasks, like:

  • Playing games
  • Watching TV
  • Answering quizzes
  • Shopping online
  • Browsing the internet
  • Completing offers

These websites pay you with money or with points that you can later exchange for money via PayPal or check, or for gift cards to well-known retailers, such as Amazon.

You can easily make enough cash from rewards websites to buy yourself a new laptop.

Step 1: Join multiple rewards websites

This is the key – the more you join, the bigger your earnings will be, and the faster you’ll make the free cash to spend on your laptop.

Here are a few you should join:

Step 2: Complete tasks on all three websites and earn $200+ a month

On each of the sites above, make sure that you complete tasks.

As people have reported on Reddit, let’s say that you make:

  • $60 a month on TreasureTrooper.
  • $121 a month from Swagbucks.
  • $36 a month from Perk.

In total, you’d make $200 a month, meaning that in just a few months, you’d have enough to buy yourself a laptop. Again, just as with survey websites, with reward websites, you get free money to spend on a laptop.

Look for giveaways on social media

Sometimes brands and stores use their mind for advertising their store so what they do is they start  sweepstakes and giveaways, where you can win prizes, like laptops.

so there you can get a laptop in a giveaway on social media.

Of course, only enter giveaways from legitimate companies.

Follow stores and brands that sell tech items, and tech brands to ensure you don’t miss out on any giveaways or sweepstakes.

A quick search for #laptop giveaway can also generate results and help you in getting a free laptop.

Check out Twitter freebies for a list of companies you should follow on Twitter to get free stuff and exclusive discounts.

Komputers 4 R Kids

If you are looking for a reused recycled computer then Komputers is the right place for this Komputers 4 R Kids is a non-profit organization for students, families and schools in Southern California who have a financial need.

Visit the website to see if you qualify.

Check with Charities

Some charities, Are also helping people mostly to those people who are disable, have programmes for a free computer or a laptop.

Use to find one that does.

Get a heavily discounted laptop from Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC)

Get a laptop for as low as $100 from Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC).

It’s a program that’s provided more than 3,500 computers to low income families, non-profits, libraries, faith-based organizations and schools.

Learn more about the program here, and apply for a free laptop here.

Browse eBay for low cost laptops

On eBay you can find great deals on laptops that are refurbished and a new laptop. Just make sure the site should not be a fake buy from a reputable seller site.

So, what is the catch?

Here’s how these sites/offers usually work:

  1. You sign up for the program. Usually, this also entails allowing the site to sell your information to advertisers (make sure to use a through email).
  2. You’ll be asked to buy something or sign up for various products and programs like a free trial for, say Netflix, Hulu, or any other service within a certain period of time (usually 1-3 months). To qualify for the free device, you’ll have to normally complete 4-5 of these offers.

Now, some of the products or services that you are asked to purchase may be eligible for a refund, but this will change depending on which site you’re using.

Once you’ve completed all the requirements you are eligible to receive your free laptop or whatever else was promised.

By now, you know that this isn’t really free. You have to pay for those trials and subscriptions to services like Netflix in order to get your freebie.

So should you do it?

Yes and no!

Let me explain…

If you were planning to sign up for those services (Netflix, for example), then yes, you should definitely use a site that gives away free laptops in exchange for doing offers. You are going to pay for your Netflix membership anyway, you may as well go through a giveaway site so you can get something back. It’s basically like using a cashback site to purchase stuff, but in this case, instead of cash, you get a free laptop.

But if you weren’t planning to sign up for those services, then you should not do this at all. There is no point in paying for things you don’t want just so you can get a free device.

Need Free Internet Access?

What will you do if you have a laptop without internet access? There are lots of ways and places where you can get free internet access.

These are the important ways where you can get a free laptop from brands like apple, dell. Not only a laptop but also free internet access.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to get a free laptops for students with low income families.


This is all about low-income families who want free laptops from the government. It is important for you to know the eligibility criteria for internet access and a free laptop.

The main requirement is the annual income of the family if it is below the poverty line or not which is considered by the government. Even it is easy for you to get the other benefits but if you want to get the free laptop then the government works with NGOs or other organizations so that only needy people get it.

The main aim is for helping the youth to know about the latest research and technology with the help of a laptop.

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and you do not have the laptop, then you must check the official website and fill the application form for the free laptops under the government program.

If you are in a low income family or a member of a low income family the government also helps them with free cars for low income families, free housing, Rent assistance for low income families you can participate among any of the grants available for you.

There are companies that help low income families and individuals, and easy methods, like joining rewards websites that allow anyone to get a complimentary laptop.

Whether you’re on a low income, a homeschool student or a college student, or just looking to save yourself some cash, follow our tips and get your hands on a complimentary or heavily discounted laptop.

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