Where To Donate Old or Used Clothes to Charity – Best Place To Get
Best charities to donate clothes

Where To Donate Old or Used Clothes to Charity – Best Place To Get

Where to Donate Used or Old Clothes to Charity– Most people are interested in buying new clothes. Everyone wants to look nice in their getup. and obviously lots of people want to change their dressing sense.

but buying new clothes every week is not worthy, it is a waste of money. buying new clothes once in a while will make your wardrobes full.

whenever you are trying to buy new clothes just think about the old ones first. Here are the things that you can do with your old clothes. You can also think about your old or new furniture for buying or donating furniture online. if you do then compares the rate.

Selling Your Old Clothes Online

Nowadays, you know very well. how the internet and shopping sites are growing very fast. so you can sell your old or used clothes on the shopping sites and can make a huge profit from them.

you can try to sell on ebay or on craigslist to earn money. statistic said that the clothing and fashion industry made the environment very pollutant.

because making clothing using a machine will obviously make the environment pollution and therefore if you have lots of clothes there can be reused by most of the people. selling the clothes makes sense.

however trying to sell your clothes in the beginning will be tougher than just throwing them away no one will trust on you and no one will buy but after some time you can sell them and can make a huge profit

Donate your clothes To Charities

Now this is the second best option for your used and old clothes to donate the clothes into a charity. Helping others by donating your clothes instantly or just throwing them will make them happy and it makes sense. Donating clothes not only saves the environment but also makes someone happy.

Where can i donate clothes near me
Where can i donate clothes near me


In some cases, you may even be eligible for tax deductions for donations of clothes! if you want some help in tax deduction then by donating the clothes will help you in filling the return. Now got an idea where to sell and got not to throw just donate it. now find out where we can donate the old and reused clothes in the US.

The Red Cross

Red Cross is the place where you can donate your clothes. they give these donated clothes to poor and needy people whose houses are destroyed in natural calamities, or fire and any other type of accident they are the better choice to donate the clothes.

 Now depending on your schedule when you get free, when you think that you are available to donate the things just log on to American Red Cross Clothing Drive Site and check how to go about it.

Vietnam Veterans of America

The biggest and worst war that was fought by American in Vietnam city. In this war most of the soldiers were wounded. Apart from this they provide a wide range of help and fund their activity to the hero by selling the old clothes which were donated. If you want to help some more heroes of the American country then you can visit the website PickUpPlease site. where you can get the clothes you want to donate picked up..

Salvation Army Donations

Everyone knows about the salvation army. This salvation army mostly helps the people who are in need and contribute towards the needy family through various and many programs.

They are a charity mostly run by the catholic church. If you are in need of money or something else you can visit the Salvation Army Donation (Site).

Dress for Success

Unfortunately, many of the people can not afford to purchase the new clothes in their career

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Career Gear

One should help out the people with the necessary clothes for their interview. Not only presented with fashion clothes but also should be hygienic and look decent. Dress with success help out women, Career Gear site.

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

This organization can be visited on Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. The main aim of this fountain is that this foundation sell the old items and raise funds for the needy (site)

Planet Aid


Do you want to donate your item to a reliable charity that is local, then savers is the best website that you must visit

Donate my Dress

Many of the people wear a very costly dress in a wedding. and this dress you never likely to wear again. but the dress is gorgeous! wouldn’t you want that someone also feel special and like princess in any wedding or a function.

Donate dresses near me
Donate dresses near me


Now if you have the formal dress and you don’t want to wear it again then you can check out the donate my dress site. this site accepts the old and reuse clothes which you used on your high school prom night site or the one of your college farewell.

How to donate clothes to goodwill

Goodwill charity organization For donation. goodwill is the most famous charitable organization in the world. if you believe that the stuff you buy will be of no use then one should check out the Goodwill website

Charities That Donate Clothes

We have already mentioned some of the places which are about above..There are also some more places where you can donate your old clothes and used clothes. Here are some of the places where you can donate.

Local church Cloth Donations

The local churches. you can donate your old clothes to your nearest site. Here you can also check about donations that what they have done with donations. In some of the cases they may be given to the member of your congregation itself. This is the benefit when you donate to your nearest church. you know about each and every thing about the donation.

Community Outreach Centers or COC

Both this COC or Community outreach center are available to take donated clothes which are unused. But depending upon the time of nearest community outreach to when they want to take donated clothes within a year. if you have necessary items such as donate books, uniform and some other essential items that a kid needs in daily life and get rid of it. don’t throw but donate!

Where can I donate clothes for the homeless

The best place to donate clothes and warm blankets or a coat in the chilly winter season is Shelter. Shelter accepts all the types of essential and requirement things which are used in shelters. The main objective of shelter is to provide a place to live for a homeless family or a family member.

Thrift Stores Clothes Donations

Now here comes the main worrying topic. As you know many of the people donating clothes. But did you know that the store is thrift or not and clothes are given to a right or needy person or they just sell them to make a good amount of profit. so beware of the thrift stores. kindly check out the Thrift Stores Clothes Donation to your nearest area.

Schools Clothes Donations

There are many schools who donate clothes. and they also have bi annual or an annual drive to donate clothes.


One must look after the old clothes before buying the new clothes. Before buying new stuff you should check how much old clothes you have in your wardrobe.

if you have much clothes then try to sell the clothes or donate the clothes. doing this can help the needy people as well as reduce pollution. because tons of fabrics are made in industries and they create pollution.

Remember, one should not give the rugged clothes or destroyed clothes. for more updates about donation and charity at Grants website.

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